Sunday, May 31, 2020

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We don’t want to merely be medical providers you see during appointment times or may run into at the local store, we want our patients to know us and feel trusted by us. Sharing a little bit about our lives, education, and experience helps you learn about us and to understand why we are committed to your care. Additionally, we love the community we have chosen for our clinic and hope to partner with different organizations in the area to further our commitment to you. Our About Page also provides insight to insurance questions, one of the largest concerns voiced when considering treating pain.


According to the CDC, in a study from 2016, over 1/5 of adults in the United States experience chronic pain. Republic Pain Specialists wants to lower that statistic and provide alternatives to opioid or surgical intervention, which we feel may lead to a cascade of further similar or even more invasive types of “management”. From cryotherapy to nerve blocks to Botox, we have multiple options to treat multiple types of pain. We understand pain is not easy to isolate or describe, we want to work with our patients to discover where the pain is, how intense it is, and the best way to treat the pain.


Our blog will soon be filled with references and articles to help you in your growing understanding of pain, pain management, and treatment options. As the years continue, we will pour into the online space to help further your knowledge and help pinpoint areas you may need further assistance or tweaking in. Bookmarking the Blog page specifically will provide a great link to stay ahead of information we think our clients should know.


We are proud of the work we do to treat pain without the use of opioids and helping our patients get back to a pain free life as quickly as possible. The words sent to us from our clients affirm what we do each day. They are a testament to the training, research, and practice we have undergone and the reasons our doors open each workday. One patient comments, “I have not felt better in years”, another affirms, “Not only do they want you to feel better, but they want to get to the root of the problem and cure it.”


Our contact page is fairly straightforward and provides the hours and location of our clinic. We hope you consider coming to see us soon, or maybe, if you are already being treated for pain within our care, the contact page would be ideal to share with family or friends who could benefit from the different options we provide. Our location in the heart of Madisonville makes us accessible and convenient, working your pain management plan into your schedule with ease.

To decide if Republic Pain Specialists is the right fit to help you identify your pain and begin a treatment plan to move away from that pain, contact us today. We look forward to seeing you and learning more about how we can help you.




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