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With the advent of the chicken pox vaccine, the actual illness is becoming less and less common. However, for those of us who experienced the chicken pox as children, there are lingering memories of the annoying itch, the frustrating scabbing, and other common symptoms that came with this childhood right of passage. Additionally, for those of us who have had chicken pox as a child, we are at risk later in life for a further issue to arise, shingles.
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Our practice is committed to finding non-opioid solutions for pain, so much so, that we recommend a myriad of different solutions inside and outside of our office. In addition to utilizing the help of nutritionists, yoga instructors, fitness trainers, and other professionals, we here at Republic Pain Specialists have several tips and tricks to help you alleviate pain in the comfort of your own home.
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Pain comes in a number of forms and from a large array of causes. One of the frequent questions we field at Republic Pain Specialists is in regards to herniated discs. We know if a patient is inquiring about this issue they are in a large amount of pain and can use the relief we provide, fast.
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Chronic pain is pain lasting longer than 12 weeks, the approximate length of time it takes normal, healthy tissues to heal. For those suffering with chronic pain, the impact extends far beyond the pain they are feeling. The issues can be present in multiple parts of the body and can impact others close to them as well. For many who have chronic pain, the side effects can be just as hurtful as the physical pain they are experiencing, especially when those side effects are impacting those they car...
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When discussing pain, back pain is a good place to start. Back pain is one of the most common types of pain, with almost 20% of people reporting long-term back pain according to Dr. Steven Griffin and Vito Pauletic of Additionally, the back carries a lot of the rest of the body making it more prone to fatigue and injury. The back has a lot to do in holding your body and assisting with movement throughout your day. The back is made up of tendons, muscles, nerves, bones, and more to...
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