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Long-COVID Sufferers Are Flocking to a Texas Clinic to Treat Smell Disorders. But Does the Remedy Work?

On a chilly Sunday in March 2021, Sam Arscott walked into her home in Utica, New York, expecting the familiar scent of pot roast that had been simmering in a slow cooker all day. Instead, when she entered her kitchen, a waft of floral-scented garbage overwhelmed her senses. A professional caterer, Arscott wondered if she had accidentally cooked spoiled meat and called in her husband to take a whiff. He was confused: the roast smelled fine. She suffered through the nauseating smell for the duration of the dinner, unable to eat.

Read Courtney Runn's article from the January 2023 issue of Texas Monthly to learn how David Gaskin used the stellate ganglion block to treat Arscott's parosmia.




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