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Our belief that pain management can be tailored for better outcomes and better relief is a large part of what we do. Another vital aspect of our work is the commitment to finding non-opioid forms of pain relief to avoid the problems, both short and long term, that come with overuse of opioids. While we are committed to non-opioid recommendations for pain relief, the options are still out there.
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Providing pain solutions for patients is what our clinic at Republic Pain Specialists works for. What’s more, with each pain management program we help create, we are reducing the number of opioid prescriptions that get issued each year. There are times we interact with patients who are already dealing with opioid disorder and we need to take extra steps to manage their care. We also know that there are members of our community and medical professionals in other fields, who want to be able to i...
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While opioids in the form of recreational drugs have been around for centuries, it wasn’t until the mid 1800s that opioid use was unlocked as a large-scale medicinal way to treat pain or as a surgical intervention. This timing proved fateful for the United States specifically and led to a long history of opioid use, and misuse, in this country.
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