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There are dozens of types of pain an individual may feel throughout their lifetime. It can be overwhelming to think about anything other than the pain in some cases. Acupuncture is one way Republic Pain Specialists may help you in your pain treatment.
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Republic Pain Specialists understand that every patient and their pain is different, and, more often than not, more technical procedures need to be performed. Rhizotomy is one of the dozens of options we offer to relieve your pain.
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Republic Pain Specialists know there is no one size fits all plan when it comes to treating your chronic pain. Every patient, their pain, and the treatment plan we decide on will be unique. One of the approaches we may try is yoga, which has a number of benefits to consider.
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As we get older, our joints lose some of their function and certain parts of our body, quite literally, begin to wear out. This lack of function and loss can be uncomfortable, discouraging, and painful for many of us. While early on, a soak in a warm bath or a mild over the counter pain relief may help you experience relief, as the joints continue to work, you may be seeking more. Radiofrequency ablation is one of the options recommended for many by our team at Republic Pain Specialists.
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Your knees do an awful lot for your body. Between helping bear the load of the rest of your body, helping move you in any direction, and acting as a hinge for a lot of movement you perform without even thinking twice, your knees have a good chance of getting hurt at some time or another. If you are one of our patients with chronic knee pain, you may fully understand how much your knees do since you are likely to feel pain with many of these simple tasks. Republic Pain Specialists have a number o...
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While you may know a friend who uses Botox to get an extra lift or fullness in their face, you may not realize that Botox can be used to treat your friend who suffers from chronic headaches. The link between Botox for appearance sake and relief for headaches actually exists, according to Harvard Medical School, “in 2000, after some people receiving injections for cosmetic treatment of facial lines reported improvement of headaches.” This FDA approved injection can be done by our Republic Pain ...
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