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At 93, I thought aches and pains were just part of my life...but I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be! David listened so concerning and fixed me up like no other. I have not felt better in years. He and Emma are a great team. They are comforting and show great concern with getting me to feel better and have minimal pain. To top it off, they are extremely nice!

Elayne Andrews

I am not one to go to the doctor but this was the best decision ever. My neck and back have hurt for years and I got relief pretty quick. David was also helpful with some pain in my hands. I've got to admit, I was skeptical but sure glad I listened to my oh so smart wife and took the plunge! 😊😊hahaha (You can stop it and sure glad I went!)

Phillip Fox

You all know that I have been having a knee problem for the past few years now. And I went to see David Gaskin and man was it one of the best ideas I have had in a long time!! Lol! He found out on what was going on with my knee and it feels like I have a brand new knee!! Thanks again sir! I will so be recommending him to others!!

Amanda Benavides

I am a new mom and consequently developed SI joint pain on my right side. David has been able to alleviate my pain so I can get back to exercise and caring for my baby girl! The procedure was quick and painless. Highly recommended!

Casie Gaskin

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