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When someone devotes their life to any field of medicine, they should expect to constantly be learning something new. New methods, new treatments, new applications, new diseases, or new conditions, the list is endless in what our Republic Pain Specialists team learns about regularly. Learning to use known treatments, like certain blocks, and apply them to other issues, is one of the many ways we serve our community. A recent application of the stellate ganglion block to assist with parosmia is one of those ways.

What is the Stellate Ganglion Block?

The stellate ganglion is a collection of nerves located near the voice box in our neck and closely integrated with the sympathetic nervous system that supplies parts of the face and the arms. A block injects anesthesia in the space around the stellate ganglion, relieving pain in addition to assisting with transmission issues that may be happening in the sympathetic nervous system, like those with parosmia. Chronic and acute pain conditions are treated with this block and can be a part of a larger pain management plan that you can discuss with Republic Pain Specialists.

What does it usually treat?

Everything from pain to sweating conditions is commonly treated with the stellate ganglion block. Patients with circulation issues in their arms and face often look for help from this treatment, as well as those with stomach conditions and pains associated with shingles. It will only be a matter of time before additional treatments that utilize the stellate ganglion block are discovered, due to the role these nerves play in the sympathetic nervous system. The ability to help reset the brain has proven helpful in many conditions patients are experiencing.

Stellate Ganglion Block and Parosmia

Parosmia is a long-term condition where odors and sometimes tastes are altered. While it can be as simple as something not having a flavor, it can also cause what was once a nice or pleasant odor to now be offensive or distasteful. Not only is this frustrating for people who want to smell nice things like their favorite candle, flower, or other scents, but it can also severely alter what they can eat as taste and odor are deeply linked. Parosmia has been a common side effect of COVID-19 but can happen with other illnesses or conditions as well. The stellate ganglion block helps some individuals with parosmia by resetting the sympathetic nervous system. This reset allows the brain to begin receiving and transmitting signals closer to what it was before the parosmia took effect.

If you are having issues with odors and tastes, or know you have parosmia, contact Republic Pain Specialists to see if this block could assist you in regaining those senses. We know the havoc it may have on your life and your desire to return to normalcy is valid, and we want to help you with that.




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