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Republic Pain Specialists is comprised of a group of experts in pain management. We know your pain is significant, and you want to return to normalcy. We also know it can be difficult to know when to seek help for your pain because we aren’t taught, in our society, to discuss pain in healthy and open ways. When you should seek help for your pain depends on several factors, but we can help guide you along the way.

Type of Pain

Pain can be different for everyone, and certain types of pain can be an indicator of what the cause is. The pain from a cut will feel different than the pain of recovering from surgery, while the pain from a fall a year ago will feel different from the pain from a fractured ankle during your morning run. We work with our patients to understand the words they use to describe their pain as it gives us clues to what they are feeling and experiencing.

Cause of Pain

There may be pain due to an injury, procedure, or conditions you are already aware of, and you need to wait until your body has time to heal. While we can help with pain after large surgeries or issues, pain from a newly broken bone or a cut will have to be managed on your own. It is also important for us to work with you to understand where you are feeling the pain and what other health issues may be at play as your body works together to function.

Consistency of Pain

Pain is, unfortunately, part of life. Pain will pop up here and there to disrupt your day. Injuries also happen. What shouldn’t happen, however, is for you to have pain consistently for days or weeks on end, with no cause or end in sight. Chronic pain exists over weeks and is usually the result of a health issue. Acute pain is pain that starts and stops within a few days. That said, acute pain could signal a larger issue that needs addressing, depending on the degree.

Degree of Pain

Any debilitating pain may need professional help. The more pain interferes with your daily routine, the more it needs to be addressed. Not only to help you but to find the root cause. A pain that is consistently causing you to stop to catch your breath or to rest is also a sign that you need help.

What to do?

Fortunately, if you are still unsure about these factors, we have some advice for you. Keep a note in your phone or a log of your pain, and take note of what you were doing when the pain started and how long it lasted, and keep a consistent scale. Everyone feels pain differently, so having a scale that you can identify will help us see patterns over time. Additionally, depending on the pain, you can find ways to ease your discomfort with light stretching, heat therapy, rest, and some over-the-counter medicines. These are only to be considered for certain types of pain, though, and serious issues may need our help.

These factors will all play into when you should seek help for your pain. Republic Pain Specialists can help you find solutions and a treatment plan that will work for you to reduce or diminish your pain. Contact Republic Pain Specialists today to set an appointment with our team. We can work alongside you to get you back to where you need to be!




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