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We recognize there are different types of pain and they will impact our lives in a variety of ways. In fact, you don’t begin a pain clinic because there is only one type of pain that may actually be easy to manage and fix! Pain in one person’s lower back is going to manifest itself differently that pain in someone’s feet. Sharp, shooting pain will alter our lives in a way that dull, throbbing pain may not. An often-overlooked component of pain is acute vs. chronic pain. Acute and chronic pain have several differences and will be treated differently by the providers at Republic Pain Specialists.

What is Acute Pain?

Acute Pain is frequently caused by trauma or injury to a part or portion of the body. Because the pain is attributed to the injury, it will resolve itself when the body and tissue have healed. According to UC Davis Health Education, “Acute pain might be caused by many events or circumstances, including: surgical pain, traumatic pain, example broken bone, cut, or burn, [and] muscle strain.” Typically, acute pain will not last longer than 6 months, with weeks being more common for this type of issue. Another characteristic of acute pain is the sharp, intense nature, which is usually the body’s response to some sort of threat like the aforementioned injury or other damage.

What is Chronic Pain?

According to the Peconic Bay Medical Center, over 100 million Americans report having or dealing with chronic pain. With Chronic pain typically lasting beyond 6 months, that is a number of people in pain for a significant amount of their lives. Chronic pain lasts beyond normal healing and often includes symptoms beyond pain related issues at the site. UC Davis provides “a lack of energy, and changes in appetite. Emotional effects include depression, anxiety, anger, and fear of re-injury” being likely with chronic pain as well. A negative cycle is often associated with chronic pain as those suffering with it have symptoms beyond the physical ones and find themselves increasingly frustrated with the negative impact on their lives.

How are they treated?

Speaking with one of our pain specialists would be an appropriate first step to managing and, eventually, resolving your pain whether it is acute or chronic. No pain is the same and neither will any treatment plan be the same. By discussing a number of factors with our patients, we will work to discover the source of your pain. From there, every path will differ. Some patients may benefit from a referral to our physical trainers or health specialists; other patients may be better suited for nerve blocks or acupuncture. For patients looking for assistance at home or before they visit our clinic, we highly recommend a regiment of gentle heat from a pad or warm bath, stretching exercises, and rest when possible. There are a number of resources available for helping you as you strive to live your day-to-day as functional as possible.

To speak with one of our pain specialists, come into our clinic or contact us today. We can evaluate your pain, help determine the source, and make a treatment plan that makes sense. We want to help treat your pain in an effective and safe way and are confident we can help you resume your life soon. 




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