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Chronic Pain Handbook: Diabetic Neuropathy

Republic Pain Specialists have built a history on understanding that pain comes from many causes, in many forms, and with many degrees of intensity. In our experience, pain is as unique as the patient who is seeking help and our guidance. Diabetic neuropathy is no exception and has a number of pain related symptoms and issues we can help with.

What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetes causes a number of issues in the body of patients who have or develop diabetes. The higher levels of glucose, or blood sugar, and fats, like triglycerides, in the blood cause nerve damage. There are several different ways diabetic neuropathy presents. Peripheral neuropathy is the most common and, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases impacts anywhere from one third to one half of patients with diabetes. This is marked by nerve damage, specifically in the feet and legs, but sometimes in the arms and hands as well. Focal neuropathy is similar, but usually affects a single nerve. Autonomic neuropathy damages the nerves of your internal organs. Proximal neuropathy usually triggers one side of the body and is centralized in the hip or thigh making movement painful.

What are the pain related symptoms and issues?

The symptoms a patient may feel vary widely on the type of neuropathy they are experiencing and how progressed it may be. Shooting pains are not uncommon for many with neuropathy in addition to general feelings of numbness. The time period of development can be quick or over time. With numbness and pain being so common, additional issues develop when patients are unable to walk evenly, have coordination problems, or may even fall frequently. Another common problem is the inability to notice discomfort at a spot of friction which leads to sores and other blisters from occurring.

How can Republic help?

Every pain presentation differs which is why a thorough consultation, with the attention of one of our pain specialists, is vital to your best chances for a reduction of pain. Once our team is able to evaluate the full range, location, and causes of your pain, we would work together to make a plan that makes sense for you. If not already working with a dietician to address diabetic concerns, we work closely with a group we recommend for a number of pain management plans. Additionally, personal training or yoga therapy can help recover lost health or maintain current strength for some of our patients. The nerve component of the neuropathy may be addressed with nerve blocks or with therapeutic massage to give the best chances for recovered movement, feeling, and overall health.


With our history of compassionate treatment, Republic Pain Specialists are equipped to address your concerns, whether from diabetic neuropathy or some other pain related issue. To begin recovery of your health, come visit one of our two clinics or contact us today.




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