Monday, October 2, 2023

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Pain Management Blog

Pain. Everybody has it. In their neck, their shoulders, their knees, their backs…It is just a part of life. We just need to learn to live with it. Right? 

For the team at Republic Pain Specialists, we disagree. In fact, our philosophy is for you to “leave feeling better than when you met [us]”. Republic Pain Specialists even takes our commitment to relieving pain a step further because we are committed to reducing or eliminating your pain without the use of surgical intervention or opioids. There are multiple risks with using prescription pain medicines and we want to avoid those risks at all costs. 

Who We Are

David Gaskin has a wide array of training and experiences that provide the medical knowledge to help his clients and community manage their pain to the fullest. With degrees from Texas Wesleyan University and Texas Christian University, David gained the medical expertise to provide anesthesia based pain control. Over a decade ago, he and a coworker felt so committed to helping as many people as possible, they started Maverick Medical Education, an organization for training others in their techniques.

Rudy Briner has two and a half decades of medical experience to offer clients. Attending medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and also completing his residency there allowed for the training needed to provide care for the community today. His primary practice has been in the Brazos Valley since completing his residency and he values the rural community surrounding the Bryan/College Station area. 

What We Do

Our mission is simple, to treat chronic and acute pain without opioids in order to assist our clients for the purpose of functioning and thriving in their day to day life. Our approach is primarily with injections and nerve blocks. However, we also use Cryotherapy, Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials, and other techniques to provide immediate relief. We are always looking for additional resources and methods to improve and to assist our clients in their pursuit of pain-free lives. One of the keys to proper pain management with Republic Pain Specialists involves determining exactly where the pain is located. Through interaction with our clients, the use of ultrasound and other technology, and other methods, we can specifically target where the pain is manifesting from without needless trial and error attempts. Republic Pain Specialists also offers referrals for a variety of outside ways to help with your pain including massage, yoga, fitness coaching, and counseling. And while more than 30% of Americans are living with some form of chronic or severe pain, we believe we can do better. 

Our commitment to our community extends beyond the four walls of our clinic. From community events to educational opportunities, Republic Pain Specialists want to see our community grow. A long-standing commitment is to our area veterans and military personnel. David is a current Captain in the United States Army Reserves and knows the unique range of pain many in our military experience. Republic works with multiple insurance providers to alleviate the pressure many feel in pursuing pain management within limited budgets. 

To find out more about the services we offer and begin the first steps to alleviating your pain, please contact us today. We don’t believe pain is something you simply have to accept and we want you to feel better today.




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