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Creating a Multimodal Pain Management Plan

As our team at Republic Pain Specialists discuss pain, the source of it, the magnitude of it, and the treatment of it, we collect information about how unique it is to every patient out there. With our understanding of how truly unique pain is to every single person, we firmly believe that every single treatment plan should be specifically tailored to meet that patient’s needs. Additionally, because there are a number of ways pain impacts your life, both mentally and physically, and a number of contributors to that pain, creating a multimodal pain management plan is vital.

What is a multimodal plan?

Essentially, a multimodal plan explores multiple components of pain and multiple options for treatment for the same patient. It is a “personalized approach to pain management that includes multiple medications and techniques” according to an article on

Creating a Plan

  1. Listening with understanding. First and foremost we have to understand your pain. By having an appointment with you where we listen to you explain the issues you are experiencing, we can begin the steps to treatment.
  2. Evaluating your pain. Once we hear what you are experiencing, we can do a number of things to evaluate how your body is feeling that pain or responding to that pain. We may perform an adapted physical exam, we may have you move impacted joints in certain ways, and we may ask follow up questions to understand even further.
  3. Consider your needs. Everyone has a different story and a different lifestyle that needs to be taken into consideration when making a plan. What works for someone who is already physically active may not work for someone who is struggling to find time. We want a plan in place that will be followed.
  4. Give options and facts. There are a number of ways we can help treat pain. There are also a number of ways we do not offer for pain management and treatment. We can offer you some general guidelines and information for what we think works best. We can also provide the factual backing for why we think those options are truly in your best interests.
  5. Discuss and, once again, listen with understanding. Our relationship with our patients is a partnership built on trust. We want our pain management plan to work for you and to be successful. In order to have the best opportunity for success, our patients have to be willing participants in the plan. If you aren’t sure of something, ask. We would be happy to elaborate and inform you why we think this is a good choice.
  6. Implement and reevaluate. When we make a plan, there are some times the plan is successful and other times it needs some tweaking and adjusting. In one case we may suggest yoga for agility and strength training, but it isn’t the best fit for the patient. So they may switch to a more traditional strength training regiment with our referrals. Also, with certain pains, the plan may start off extensively, then taper as relief is found.

To begin exploring options for pain management and resolution, contact us today. We have the experience and compassion for every one of our patients to make an individualized plan that we know will lead to a fuller, pain free life.




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