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Nociceptive Pain: Visceral or Somatic

Being able to pinpoint your pain is key to what we do at Republic Pain Services. This isn’t just in relation to where you are feeling pain in or on your body, but also how it feels, how intense it is, and where it may be stemming from. By giving you more information about different types of pain, we can help you communicate better which allows us to treat you and get rid of as much of that pain as possible.

What is Nociceptive Pain?

According to, nociceptive pain comes from pain receptors we have all over our body and “is the most common type of pain.” Because we have these pain receptors all over our body, we experience nociceptive pain anytime we are injured with a cut, experience a blow to an internal organ, or other type of concern. These pain receptors are designed to help us avoid further harm or to let us know we are in a situation we need to get out of. They can also let us know something is wrong inside our body and to seek out medical attention and help. There are two types of nociceptive pain – visceral and somatic.

Somatic Pain is pain in your muscles, skin, or bone. This pain is focused on a specific area and could be the type of pain you feel with movement, when experiencing a headache, or when you cut your skin.

Visceral Pain is pain experienced in your internal organs and it can be harder to centralize or identify. These pains are more often described as aching or pressure.

Treatment of Nociceptive Pain

In some circumstances, nociceptive pain, whether somatic or visceral, will subside after a few days. With some rest or mild over the counter pain relief, some pain may be relieved. However, some pain needs the help of a professional, either your physician or a pain management specialist like our team at Republic. If you have pain because of an injury, you may need to have the injury treated in order for that pain to go away or for further harm to be prevented. Other times, a nerve block, physical therapy, or a new exercise regimen may need to be considered by our team.

Describing Pain

When you come to see our team with a form of nociceptive pain, you will want to provide us with some basic information. We can help you better if we know when the pain began and what factors may have contributed to it, how long you feel pain through the day, where you are feeling the pain, and what words you would use to describe the pain. By having this information ready, we can better evaluate what your needs are and make a plan for your health.

To begin the road to recovery, treating your pain at the source, contact us today. We have the experience to relieve your pain and to work with you as you get back to a pain free life.




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