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Pain is an ongoing issue for many Americans. In fact, chronic pain impacts more lives than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined, with almost one third of Americans living with chronic severe pain. Republic Pain Specialists know the lives of our patients can be different than one filled with suffering and holding back due to this ongoing pain. Additionally, we know there are alternatives to how to treat pain than what has been done before.

Impact of Pain

We have spoken to so many patients, community members, and friends who, when discussing their pain, repeatedly have one desire- to be functional again. This is the largest impact of pain, the reduction in productivity and the loss of basic day-to-day skills. It is our sincerest belief that this pain can be treated and managed to provide the opportunity for a rich and full life once again. A patient may have been living in pain for their entire life and has dealt with it for so long they have never known what living without pain in a certain part of their body was like. Other patients have injuries from repetitive movements or large physical based projects at their place of work. Still others have pain from life circumstances, which needs attention as well. Our job is to discuss the pain with you and treat it in the most effective way possible.

Treatment of Pain

For Republic Pain Specialists, there are a number reasons why we believe opioids should be avoided as much as possible. First, opioids have a long history of negative impacts, both to the patient and those around them. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the number of people who misuse their opioid-based prescriptions is between 21 to 29 percent and between 8 and 12 percent develop a usage disorder. This misuse trickles to have repercussions to those far beyond the patient, with addiction and abuse impacting family and friends as well. Further, using opioids treats the entire body, instead of the isolated area or areas where chronic pain is actually occurring. This full body impact can lead to some of the abuse issues of opioids. Our staff strives to take time with each patient, to take a history, to listen to where pain is actually occurring, and attempts to isolate and treat pain at the source. This allows for a more focused approach, which not only leads to more success, but also avoids unnecessary intervention.

What methods do Republic Pain Specialists endorse and use in our practice? The answer isn’t simple because we use several treatment methods. Pain is never a one size fits all scenario, so the treatment should be specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Some patients respond well to Spinal Cord Stimulators while others may need nerve blocks, still others would benefit from Botox or a referral for a holistic approach through yoga or massage. We want to treat the pain through these methods, rather than numb the sensations through prescription usage as much as we can.

Republic Pain Specialists is ready to listen to your symptoms, to work to understand your pain, and to find a treatment plan best suited for your needs and schedule. Read more about our services or contact us today to begin your course of treatment.




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