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For those impacted by Fibromyalgia, the symptoms and issues related to this chronic condition can be difficult to explain. As such, they can be difficult to treat and even more difficult for loved ones to understand.

What is Fibromyalgia?

As stated, Fibromyalgia is challenging to define. This condition is a long-term, or chronic, presence of pain in the muscles and bones and is often marked by general fatigue and cognitive disturbances. The symptoms can be very similar to other conditions, particularly autoimmune disorders. In addition to pain in multiple regions of the body, Fibromyalgia can impact the ability to remember relatively easy events or to concentrate on activity. This “brain fog” can be even more upsetting than the pain according to one study from Rheumatology International. Other aspects include an increased occurrence of IBS symptoms and painful periods in women.

Causes of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can have a number of different causes or factors that increase a person’s risk with facing the condition. Genetics is a large component, according to US National Library of Medicine, while 2 to 8 percent of the population is inflicted with this condition worldwide, the likelihood of a first degree family member experiencing it is about 8 times as likely as the general population. Both trauma and stress play considerable roles in the ways. While doctors and researchers are still uncertain why external factors define so much about this condition, according to “stress has been linked to hormonal changes that could contribute to fibromyalgia” and that “nerves overact to pain signals” causing more and more negative stimulation as time passes.

Treatment Options

There are many options for treating this condition. While we would never recommend an opioid for conditions, in terms of Fibromyalgia, the recommendation is even stronger because numerous studies have proven them to be unsuccessful in treating or helping with symptoms. Instead, there are several courses of action we encourage those with this issue to explore. Acupuncture can help a number of our patients and can be paired with additional options. Many find relief with yoga and meditation, some forms of exercise, and even massage therapy. Additionally, because Fibromyalgia is so closely linked to mental health issues, particularly in regards to having “flare ups”, self-care like eating a balanced diet and pursuing counseling is an imperative part of treatment. Staying healthy and free from infection can help with symptoms as well because infection can lower the body’s ability to manage itself.

Republic Pain Specialists Can Help

By offering multiple services, Republic Pain Specialists can help manage the symptoms you or your family member may be experiencing. We would work with you to discover the severity of pain and where we could isolate places to treat, particularly in regards to trigger points. There are several different types of injections to try in our clinic, we specialize in the perfect placement to provide relief in the most precise place possible. Additionally, we can make a recommendation for a number of additional services like meditation or fitness consultations.

Republic Pain Management is here to help with a number of chronic and acute conditions, Fibromyalgia included amongst that number. To begin alleviating your pain and to evaluate what your options may be, contact us to schedule an appointment today.




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