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While you may know a friend who uses Botox to get an extra lift or fullness in their face, you may not realize that Botox can be used to treat your friend who suffers from chronic headaches. The link between Botox for appearance sake and relief for headaches actually exists, according to Harvard Medical School, “in 2000, after some people receiving injections for cosmetic treatment of facial lines reported improvement of headaches.” This FDA approved injection can be done by our Republic Pain ...
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Republic Pain Specialists is devoted to providing a number of different pain management solutions to our patients and community. We understand that no pain looks the same and, because of that, no treatment plan should look the same. By becoming informed in new practices and techniques and working with other professionals who are devoted to avoiding opioid based solutions, we give our patients the best outcome. Steroid injections are among the treatment options we can offer, but not in every case...
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