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At Republic Pain Specialists, there are several avenues we may use to treat your pain. Cryotherapy is used by several of our patients to prevent and relieve the pain they may be experiencing and avoids the harmful side effects of pain relief through opioid usage.
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Republic Pain Specialists is devoted to providing a number of different pain management solutions to our patients and community. We understand that no pain looks the same and, because of that, no treatment plan should look the same. By becoming informed in new practices and techniques and working with other professionals who are devoted to avoiding opioid based solutions, we give our patients the best outcome. Steroid injections are among the treatment options we can offer, but not in every case...
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Our belief that pain management can be tailored for better outcomes and better relief is a large part of what we do. Another vital aspect of our work is the commitment to finding non-opioid forms of pain relief to avoid the problems, both short and long term, that come with overuse of opioids. While we are committed to non-opioid recommendations for pain relief, the options are still out there.
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There are a number of internal reasons you may be experiencing neck pain. Over time the discs in your spinal column can develop a lot of issues. They may lose height or flexibility, there could be tears or leaks that cause inflammation around the nerves. If you are having neck pain, you want relief, which Republic Pain Specialists can provide.
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