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It was thought, for years, that pain was simply something people had to deal with. Whether aches and pains from an old injury or recovering from a medical procedure, the thought has consistently been that pain happens, and we may as well get used to it. However, at Republic Pain Specialists, we think differently. Instead of suffering through life or simply dealing with our discomfort, our team believes that most types of pain can be identified, treated, and prevented through a multimodal approach. What to expect from us, other than pain relief, may be something you have wondered.

What pain is managed?

Our Republic Pain Specialists manage multiple types of pain. Pain in joints, nerves, and from injuries is common. We also treat patients who suffer from frequent migraines, nerve pain, and localized pain like sciatica or neck pain. Patients with arthritis and fibromyalgia can find out treatment plans to be helpful. Some more specific types of pain include intestinal and stomach pain, cancer treatment pain, and pain felt from surgical recovery. The severity of the pain may vary, with some patients feeling a dull ache and some feeling debilitating sharp pains.

How is treatment approached?

The most important thing to understand is that every pain treatment plan will look different. Our first task will be to assess where you are feeling pain, why you may be experiencing that pain, and to what extent you feel that pain. It can be helpful for you to keep a journal, either written or digitally, to help us understand how frequently this pain may be happening and what factors may be contributing to your pain. Sometimes we may be able to clearly understand why the root of the pain, while other times may require us to look a little further into the cause. By talking with you and running infrequent tests, we can have a better understanding of your pain that will enable us to begin a treatment plan. This treatment plan will be unique to you as well. We work in several ways to treat pain with the help of nutritionists, personal trainers, and other specialists. Additionally, we work with you to prescribe a plan to follow.

When should I see a pain management doctor?

Coming to see a pain management specialist can be something preventative or in response to the pain you are experiencing. If you have a medical procedure coming up, we can help make recommendations for how to work through the pain you may experience after the fact. Most of our patients come to see us after they work through some pain on their own, as there are certain types of pain and discomfort that we recommend you wait and let heal on your own. If you get a small strain or sprain or have pain because of a short-term virus, you will need to let your body repair itself with rest and other methods. If you have lingering pain that persists for 3 months or more, see our team for help. We know this may seem like a long time, so if you are constantly feeling pain for a shorter amount of time, you may want to give our team a call to see if we can assist. We can help treat chronic and acute pain, depending on the nature, severity, and cause.

Republic Pain Specialists want you to live a life that is full and pain-free. We are here to help with all varieties of pain for all of our patients. To schedule an appointment and begin your first steps to a treatment plan, contact us today.




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