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There are dozens of types of pain an individual may feel throughout their lifetime. It can be overwhelming to think about anything other than the pain in some cases. Acupuncture is one way Republic Pain Specialists may help you in your pain treatment.
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TMJ is one of those acronyms used throughout our society and refers to the temporomandibular joint, while TMD refers to all the disorders relating to this joint. Republic Pain Specialists have the information you need about this painful disorder and how to treat it if you think you may be experiencing it.
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Republic Pain Specialists are aware of these complexities and work to understand the sources of your pain, the magnitude of your pain, and seek to develop individual treatment plans that make sense for you. One of these unique sources of pain is neurogenic pain.
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Republic Pain Specialists know there is no one size fits all plan when it comes to treating your chronic pain. Every patient, their pain, and the treatment plan we decide on will be unique. One of the approaches we may try is yoga, which has a number of benefits to consider.
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There are a number of internal reasons you may be experiencing neck pain. Over time the discs in your spinal column can develop a lot of issues. They may lose height or flexibility, there could be tears or leaks that cause inflammation around the nerves. If you are having neck pain, you want relief, which Republic Pain Specialists can provide.
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