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5 Things You Should Know About the Stellate Ganglion Block and Long-term COVID Symptoms

When COVID-19 first came to the attention of the world, nobody could predict what would take place for years, whether in response or in long-term COVID symptoms and issues. As the medical field continues to adjust and respond to the needs of those presenting these long-term symptoms, new treatments are being used. Our team at Republic Pain Specialists has learned several ways to help our community with the pain and symptoms they are having, including through the Stellate Ganglion Block to relieve a few prominent long-term COVID symptoms.

1. Pain relief.

One of the common long-term COVID symptoms is pain that lingers well beyond the original bout of illness. The Stellate Ganglion Block can help relieve any pain experienced in the neck, head, upper chest, and upper arms. This block can provide pain relief that allows for a fuller life and the ability to continue your recovery.

2. Brain fog relief.

An unexpected symptom that popped up when more of the population got COVID was brain fog and the corresponding memory issues. This brain fog has also been a long-term COVID symptom, with many complaining of memory issues and feeling down as a result. The effects of brain fog can be minimized by resetting the nervous system and increasing cerebral blood flow.

3. Fatigue relief.

Fatigue when fighting off a virus or other illness is common. What is less common is having fatigue as a long-term symptom. Similarly to the thought surrounding relief of brain fog, it is suggested by Science Direct that this anesthetic allows ‘the regional autonomic nervous system to “reboot”’. By allowing the system to reset, this long-term COVID symptom could diminish or disappear.

4. Recovering taste and smell.

A more common long-term COVID symptom is the loss of taste and smell. This can also be one that people find particularly difficult to deal with because of the comfort smells and tastes provide as we are experiencing our day-to-day lives. This recovery may be due to resetting the interaction between the nervous and immune systems.

5. Gastrointestinal reset.

There are so many indications that long-term COVID symptoms are related to your nervous and immune systems needing the chance to reset and achieve balance once again. The Stellate Ganglion Block can assist with achieving reset.

You can read more about our practical application of this block at Republic Pain Specialists to directly assist someone with long-term COVID symptoms. If you are experiencing long-term symptoms that you need relief from, contact us today. We can provide relief from pain and symptoms to several issues, not just COVID, and are here to help you.




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