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Location. Duration. Intensity. Cause. All characteristics which define your pain. When pain can feel and be different for every single person, the treatment of our patients has to be unique. For these reasons, Republic Pain Specialists offer a number of services to care for the wide range of pain in our patients. A patient typically does not need every single one of our services, but we often use a treatment plan that encompasses several avenues.

Injections and Blocks

Botox is a well known injection which may not always be known for the pain relief it can provide. While many associate Botox with visual appearances, the Mayo Clinic states Botox is “also used to treat conditions such as neck spasms (cervical dystonia), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), an overactive bladder, and lazy eye. Botox injections may also help prevent chronic migraines.” There are also a number of blocks we can inject for joint pain in major and minor joints, lumbar punctures for pain in various areas, and relief in nerve roots and all peripheral nerves. We are confident in the amount of relief we can provide with injections and blocks, to the degree that we frequently teach others these methods in order for their medical services to provide relief to members of their communities as well.

Other Clinical Services

Cryotherapy for chronic knee pain is an excellent way to treat a debilitating issue many people face in their life. We target the joint with extreme cold to provide relief, allowing for full range movement and a return to normal activities. By reducing inflammation and the potential increase in blood circulation after treatment, many patients experience relief. When there is a large amount of pressure on portions of your body, occasionally it makes sense to intervene to relieve that pressure. Our services include rhizotomy which is a minimally invasive way to do this. Still other patients may benefit from narcotic pump insertions or medication management when looking for ways to relieve their pain.

Multimodal Services

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for helping to relieve pain and to have the widest possible chances at recovery and normalcy in your life. A healthy lifestyle can include a number of services we provide referrals and references to. Yoga and meditation can help the mind and the body through cleansing exercises. Nutritional advice and fitness services assist our patients in strengthening their bodies from the inside, out. To modify behavior, explore mental causes for pain, or treat addiction or other harmful behaviors, we may recommend psychological or counseling services that will allow professionals in those fields to treat our patients. 

Frequently, as stated above, a patient may need a number of different services, for example a round or two of nerve blocks followed by a referral for yoga could provide relief for chronic back pain a patient was experiencing from an old sports injury. Yet another patient may bypass any blocks and opt for counseling and addiction management, looking for meditative techniques to treat their lingering pain. Each treatment plan will look different to specifically target the individual.

Republic Pain Specialists wants every one of our patients to feel the relief they need in order to have a full and rich life. In order to begin consulting with our specialists, at one of our two locations, contact us today.




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