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At Republic Pain Specialists, there are several avenues we may use to treat your pain. Cryotherapy is used by several of our patients to prevent and relieve the pain they may be experiencing and avoids the harmful side effects of pain relief through opioid usage.
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Your knees do an awful lot for your body. Between helping bear the load of the rest of your body, helping move you in any direction, and acting as a hinge for a lot of movement you perform without even thinking twice, your knees have a good chance of getting hurt at some time or another. If you are one of our patients with chronic knee pain, you may fully understand how much your knees do since you are likely to feel pain with many of these simple tasks. Republic Pain Specialists have a number o...
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Location. Duration. Intensity. Cause. All characteristics which define your pain. When pain can feel and be different for every single person, the treatment of our patients has to be unique. For these reasons, Republic Pain Specialists offer a number of services to care for the wide range of pain in our patients. A patient typically does not need every single one of our services, but we often use a treatment plan that encompasses several avenues.
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