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Republic Pain Specialist knows that pain comes in all sizes and forms. From lingering injuries to post surgery ailments, from health-related issues to pain you can’t quite pinpoint, pain can greatly impact your life. Our team wants to help all people with pain that has arisen for a variety of reasons to feel better. For patients with nerve damage, this may seem impossible, but we have solutions to help.

What is nerve damage?

Nerve damage is from abnormal pressure on the nerves and blood vessels that supply those nerves. These nerves can experience pressure or be stretched, and sometimes even cut, causing damage. It can happen for a number of reasons, from injury to health reasons. The nerves carry information around the body and when these nerves are under pressure or damaged, they not only experience pain, but also have difficulty transmitting the information they need to from your brain to your body or vice versa. According to, approximately 20 million people in the United States experience nerve damage.

What are symptoms of nerve damage?

There are a number of symptoms you may experience with nerve damage. Some patients will feel numbness or tingling, very similar to your foot or hand falling asleep from being in the same position for too long. Other patients will feel weakness in certain parts of their body as the nerve’s ability to transmit information and the pressure or inflammation in the area is too great. Pain is also common, both at the site of the injury or along the nerve where the injury is occurring. Burning pain may occur with some nerve damage. Some patients may even experience more clumsiness, sweat more than usual, or have difficulty with making it to the restroom.

How can Republic Pain Specialists help?

Our team would treat each patient differently, depending on the type of nerve damage they were experiencing, where, and the intensity with which they were having pain. Patients with nerve damage due to health concerns, like diabetes, will need a vastly different treatment from those who have nerve damage due to carpal tunnel syndrome. We will work with our patients to understand where the pain is coming from, the reason isn’t always at the site of where the pain is occurring. Once we can clearly diagnose where, we will work to understand the severity of the pain and why the pain is happening. Some patients may feel relief with a nerve block or other procedure to alleviate pain while the area heals. Other patients are going to need a combination of pain treatment and other services, like acupuncture or yoga to find long term results. In every patient, we want to come up with a plan the patient will follow, to experience relief.

To see our experts on relieving your pain, contact us today. We offer opioid free treatments to help you get back to your regular life quickly and will help create a multimodal plan that will help you progress quickly.




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