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When a cancer diagnosis occurs, there will also be logistics about treatment, healing, and recovery that will need to be figured out, along with logistics about all the symptoms that may be experienced. Pain during cancer, and because of treatments, is not entirely uncommon, and you may need to address your pain with your treatment team and with pain management experts like us at Republic Pain Specialists.
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Just like no patient is the same, a patient’s pain in regards to source, type, and magnitude is not the same from anyone else’s either. Our team at Republic Pain Specialists understands the pain our patients are experiencing is completely unique to them. This applies for spinal disc problems and the pain that can come with these problems. Your spinal column carries a lot of weight and pressure, literally, and when the discs between each segment of the spine start to lose strength, you could be...
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Maybe you know someone with Multiple sclerosis, or MS, as it is often called. Maybe you have read about it at some point. Whatever the case, unless you or a close family member has a diagnosis, you may have a lot of questions. Or maybe you recently learned it was a possibility for yourself and you want to know a little more about how to manage your pain. Republic Pain Specialists have the information and pain solutions you are looking for.
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Republic Pain Specialist knows that pain comes in all sizes and forms. From lingering injuries to post surgery ailments, from health-related issues to pain you can’t quite pinpoint, pain can greatly impact your life. Our team wants to help all people with pain that has arisen for a variety of reasons to feel better. For patients with nerve damage, this may seem impossible, but we have solutions to help.
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