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We don’t always think about our neck and everything it does for our body. That is, until we have a literal pain in the neck and we cannot think about anything else. Every time we need to look in a different direction, nodding or shaking our head, some forms of dancing, reaching, the list is endless as to what our neck takes part of in our day-to-day. If you are having neck pain, you want relief, which Republic Pain Specialists can provide.

What is it?

There are a number of internal reasons you may be experiencing neck pain. Over time the discs in your spinal column can develop a lot of issues. They may lose height or flexibility, there could be tears or leaks that cause inflammation around the nerves. Osteoarthritis can cause the cartilage to wear out allowing for bone to grind against bone. Additionally, according to Spine-health, conditions like cervical central stenosis can occur causing compression in the neck.

There are also external factors that can contribute to neck pain. Traumatic injuries like car accidents or due to contact sports can impact your neck greatly. Even the threat of an injury can cause us to tense up as we prepare for impact, leading to potential issues. Posture is one of the largest causes of neck pain, particularly what is termed forward head posture. Additional stress is placed on the joints, discs, and muscles with up to 10 pounds of weight being felt by those parts of your body.

How can it be treated?

Every patient differs in how much pain they are experiencing and what their neck pain comes from. Because of the uniqueness brought by every patient, every treatment plan is going to look a little different. Some patients benefit from nerve blocks that we can do in the office to provide relief for a longer period of time. These nerve blocks are safe and provide pain relief directly to the source of the pain. Other patients may benefit from physical therapy, strength training, or yoga to release tension or build strength in the neck or other parts of the body that are putting a strain on the neck. Massage can be another way of helping with some of the causes of neck pain. We would work with you to provide a referral to the person that best understands how to assist you.

Additionally, we may recommend a few practical solutions, like frequently changing out your pillow, working on improving your posture, or adjusting the height of your computer monitor to ensure health for your neck, shoulders, and back. Some patients may benefit from ice or heat, particularly if they know their neck will be under strain from heavy lifting or certain athletic events.

If you are experiencing neck pain, either from an ongoing issue or a traumatic injury, we have many options for how to get rid of that pain. There is no need to continue living with the pain, especially in your neck. Come see us to begin a treatment plan that is right for you.




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