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There are a number of driving forces behind Republic Pain Specialists and the work we do as a team. Our belief that pain management can be tailored for better outcomes and better relief is a large part of what we do. Another vital aspect of our work is the commitment to finding non-opioid forms of pain relief to avoid the problems, both short and long term, that come with overuse of opioids. While we are committed to non-opioid recommendations for pain relief, the options are still out there. What can you do to prevent opioid misuse in your life and that of your loved ones?

1. Avoid opioid prescriptions in the first place.

The best way to avoid opioid misuse is to never possess or use them when pain, injury, or surgical procedures take place. Speak with your medical provider ahead of time to see what solutions they offer or come see our team at Republic Pain Specialists to come up with a post-operative plan if possible.

2. Know your options.

When you speak with medical providers it is helpful to know your options for pain relief that are not standard prescription orders. Nerve blocks can provide pain relief while still offering movement that is important for healing or therapy in some scenarios. Over the counter medications may dull the pain and reduce swelling enough, depending on the injury. Therapy, meditation, or cryotherapy may be better options for certain individuals.

3. Document and discuss your pain.

Equip yourself with language to better describe the pain you are feeling. Think about sensation, magnitude, location, duration, and frequency. Keep a note on your phone or write down these words in a safe place to use when you are able to see your medical provider. By giving us a clearer understanding of what and when you are experiencing pain, we can better help treat your pain.

4. Familiarize yourself with addiction and side effects.

These are two different components of opioid use, but both are crucial for preventing misuse. First, you need to understand the potential side effects of opioid use and the impact it will have on your body as you use them. Second, you need to understand addiction and how that can occur in individuals. Some patients have a history of addiction or addictive behaviors and will need to be extra vigilant about the slippery slope that occurs with controlled substances.

5. Accountability.

Anytime you are recovering from an injury or procedure, you need care in one way or another. This applies to opioid use, even when prescribed by your doctor. Make sure you are using the prescription correctly and set up someone to check on you regularly to make sure accidental overdose hasn’t occurred.

Republic Pain Specialists has a number of options for pain relief that won’t lead down the risks that come with opioid use. If you are having a procedure done where pain is expected or you are recovering from an injury or other circumstance that leaves you in pain, come see our team. We have the experience you need to explore other, safer, personalized options.




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