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When a cancer diagnosis occurs, there will also be logistics about treatment, healing, and recovery that will need to be figured out, along with logistics about all the symptoms that may be experienced. Pain during cancer, and because of treatments, is not entirely uncommon, and you may need to address your pain with your treatment team and with pain management experts like us at Republic Pain Specialists. Our goal is to assist you in any way possible as you give your body the best support against this cancer.

What is it?

You can experience pain due to breast cancer in several ways, but every patient is different in how they will have that pain. The magnitude and type will vary, and fully understanding different terms to better communicate with your team can be helpful in the effort to relieve some of that pain. In most cases, breast pain is not a sign of cancer, but it can happen later as the cancer progresses. If a tumor has enlarged past 2 centimeters, pain may occur and will be localized in a specific spot, according to Breast cancer that has spread will also cause pain in other parts of your body. Additionally, pain may happen because of the treatment plan you and your team are pursuing, whether you are recovering from a mastectomy or doing radiation.

Can you prevent it?

The best way to prevent breast cancer pain is early diagnosis, which we would recommend to prevent any issues with cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, regular mammograms, starting at the age of 45 for most women and earlier for those with indications or a family history, can provide the best chance to avoid further problems with cancer and prevent some of the pain you may feel. Preventing breast cancer pain from treatment will be impossible to determine until you decide on the best plan. Having open and honest communication with the medical providers entrusted with your care will be the best way to weigh the options, benefits, and drawbacks. If your mammogram or screening is clear, but you are concerned about breast pain, visiting your regular medical provider or OB/GYN to learn more would be advised.

How to help?

If you are having pain from a tumor, consult first with your cancer treatment team to help you decide on the best way to reduce or remove this pain. If you are having pain from the cancer treatment itself, there are a few ways to help. Some patients may opt for radiofrequency ablation to stop the transmission of nerves while healing is taking place. Nerve blocks can also help similarly. Heat and cold therapy and other general practices, like yoga and nutritious eating can help the body and the mind as they assist in keeping the body healthy. What’s more, if you are better able to treat your pain, your body should feel better equipped to stave off sickness and recover from your pain.

If you or a loved one are fighting cancer at this time and need relief so you can focus on more important things, contact us today. We are available to answer your questions and to help you discover the best plan for you. Republic Pain Specialists will work with you so you can get better.




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