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Discover relief from Long COVID symptoms like pain & parosmia with Republic Pain Specialists. Multimodal treatments tailored for your recovery.
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TMJ is one of those acronyms used throughout our society and refers to the temporomandibular joint, while TMD refers to all the disorders relating to this joint. Republic Pain Specialists have the information you need about this painful disorder and how to treat it if you think you may be experiencing it.
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Republic Pain Specialists understand that every patient and their pain is different, and, more often than not, more technical procedures need to be performed. Rhizotomy is one of the dozens of options we offer to relieve your pain.
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As we get older, our joints lose some of their function and certain parts of our body, quite literally, begin to wear out. This lack of function and loss can be uncomfortable, discouraging, and painful for many of us. While early on, a soak in a warm bath or a mild over the counter pain relief may help you experience relief, as the joints continue to work, you may be seeking more. Radiofrequency ablation is one of the options recommended for many by our team at Republic Pain Specialists.
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