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Arthritis pain may be one of the most well known and easily understood by the public in terms to either experiencing this themselves or knowing someone who does. Arthritis is a condition that impacts more than 23% of the population of the United States, according to the CDC. With such a huge percentage of the population, you would think this would be easy for us to address, but pain is always unique to the individual.
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As hard as it may be to remember, pain can have a purpose. Sudden, onset pain can be your body’s way of shouting, “Hey, we don’t like that position, you might get hurt!” Pain can be a reminder of your body’s need to heal. Pain can also be an indicator there is something wrong and your body needs help to repair and restore back to normal function. Whatever the case may be, when pain lasts longer than an injury may take to heal, your body is facing chronic pain and may need our help.
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Of all the pain we’ve discussed in our pain series, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most concentrated and isolated pains we can treat. Carpal tunnel syndrome manifests itself in a few different ways and we have a few recommendations for the best ways to relieve pain.
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For those impacted by Fibromyalgia, the symptoms and issues related to this chronic condition can be difficult to explain. As such, they can be difficult to treat and even more difficult for loved ones to understand.
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Chronic pain is pain lasting longer than 12 weeks, the approximate length of time it takes normal, healthy tissues to heal. For those suffering with chronic pain, the impact extends far beyond the pain they are feeling. The issues can be present in multiple parts of the body and can impact others close to them as well. For many who have chronic pain, the side effects can be just as hurtful as the physical pain they are experiencing, especially when those side effects are impacting those they car...
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Pain. Everybody has it. In their neck, their shoulders, their knees, their backs…It is just a part of life. We just need to learn to live with it. Right? For the team at Republic Pain Specialists, we disagree. In fact, our philosophy is for you to “leave feeling better than when you met [us]”. Republic Pain Specialists even takes our commitment to relieving pain a step further because we are committed to reducing or eliminating your pain without the use of surgical intervention or opioids.
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